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Embedded Security

Internet of Things (or) Ethernet and Wi-Fi®

Every day more and more devices get connected to the internet. On top of computers and smart phones, now your utility meter, thermostat, security system, HVAC equipment, glucose meter, etc., are connected and accessible over the internet. As a result, the engineers who designed these devices need ways to easily implement secure communication in their designs. Microchip offers both software and hardware solutions that allow secure communication over Ethernet and Wi-Fi®. 



As a part of the TCP/IP stack Microchip includes an SSL module that adds encryption support to the TCP layer by implementing the SSLv3 protocol. This protocol is the standard for secure communications across the Internet, and prevents snooping or tampering of data as it travels across an untrusted network. This implementation of SSL supports the RSA asymmetric encryption protocol and the ARCFOUR symmetric encryption protocol.

The library of Data Encryption Routines (SW300052) is now available for free download.

Wi-Fi Security

Microchip’s Wi-Fi modules support the following 802.1x, 802.1i security:

  • WEP-64/128
  • WPA
  • WPA-2-PSK

With built-in hardware support for AES and TKIP.