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FireWire is a fine networking protocol, ideal for Audio/Video applications, automation and medium resolution imaging - all requiring high precision.

FireWire supports both synchronous and asynchronous data transport. It offers very low latency and excellent Quality of Service.

EqcoLogic's products are the performance leaders for long-haul 1394b applications, offering support for low cost cables, high speed and long reach.

The EEQCO400TT is an equalizer for FireWire ( or IEEE1394b ) that allows signals up to 500Mbit/s to be transmitted over long lengths of Cat5 or Cat6 cable.

The EEQCO850SCC and EQCO875SC permit transmission of 1394b up to S800 ( 1Gbps ) over single long-haul coax cables including device power communication.

EqcoLogic is an active member of the 1394 Trade Association and has co-developed the standards for 1394 over UTP and over single coax. 1394 over UTP is part of IEEE1394-2008, 1394 over single coax is defined in 1394TA specification 2007005.