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HD-SDI is a SMPTE protocol, used in digital TV Broadcasting. It is now also used for HD-CCTV digital surveillance imaging.

Standard resolution and data rates are as follows:


Derived from the HD-SDI standard, a new surveillance camera standard has been launched. It uses coax cabling and achieves typically 720p resolution at 1.485Gbit/s. In version 1.0 of the HD-CCTV spec, only data from the camera is defined. Control of the camera is left open. Cable lengths of 100m are common, with repeaters used to extend cable range. EqcoLogic is a contributing member of the HDcctv Allaince.

The EQCO30R5 equalizer was developed for HD-SDI standards and also offers outstanding performance in

Standard Resolution and Data Rates

ResolutionData rate
SMPTE 259M - SDI143 - 360Mbit/s
SMPTE 344M - HD-480p540Mbit/s
SMPTE 292M - HD-720p1.485Gbit/s
SMPTE 372M - HD-1080p-Deep Color2.97Gbit/s
SMPTE 424M - HD-1080i2.97Gbit/s

Eqcologic also produces a sub system solution for IP over coax, FastECoax-7501.2.

HD-CCTV systems. It operates at up to 3.0Gbit/s allowing for extra high data resolution - and slow motion video. At 1.485Gbit/s, the EQCO30R5 allows RG6 type cables to reach over 200m.

The EQCO30T5 cable driver is the other component of EqcoLogic's HD-SDI transceiver pair. The two devices also provide a 5Mbit/s uplink control channel to the camera.