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DisplayPort is the latest high definition display interface standard.

Launched by VESA, DisplayPort, like DVI and HDMI, uses multi-lane serial transmission. However, DisplayPort can also transmit power so that remote circuits can be powered from the image source or the monitor.

The current DisplayPort standard is v1.2. This defines up to 2.7Gbits/s per lane - and up to 4 lanes giving a maximum of 10.4Gbit/s total transport speed.

EqcoLogic has developed a new 4 lane equalizer, the EQCO2754, to enable long-haul operation of DisplayPort.

Image courtesy of the MOST Cooperation.

The device can be embedded in cables or connectors, working off the power provided by the DisplayPort display connector.

The EQCO2754 works at up to 5.4Gbit/s per lane, anticipating a new 2x standard. The extra speed can be used to allow full resolution monitors to be daisy-chained together, for applications such as those in medicine, education and financial trading. It offers extended reach ( up to 15m @ 5.4Gbit/s ), and at all lengths improves signal integrity by de-skew functionality designed into the device.

The EQCO30R5 and EQCO30T5 are used in a reference design for a HD-SDI repeater; We also sell a completed repeater the EQCO-SDI30-7502