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CoaXPress is the new standard for high performance machine vision systems.

CoaxPress is the state of the art method of connecting high performance machine vision cameras to Frame Grabbers or video servers.

The standard was initially developed by the CoaXPress Consortium, a group of 5 companies in Europe, North America and Japan. EqcoLogic, together with camera partner Adimec of the Netherlands and frame grabber partner Active Silicon of the United Kingdom, is a founder of the consortium.


The CoaXPress Consortium and the Japanese Industrial Imaging Association ( "JIIA" ) agreed to develop the standard in Japan and JIIA, in 2011, made CoaXPress a global standard through the international G3 organization in 2011.

CoaXPress operates over standard 75-ohm coax cable. It currently supports up to 6.25Gbit/s from the camera to the Frame Grabber. A lower bandwidth signal, up to 20Mbit/s for the control functions can 
be sent the other way over the same cable. Simultaneously, power is supplied over the coax - to power the camera.

The CoaXPress standard allows for a number of cables to be used in parallel, for example, 4 cables offering 25Gbit/s image data streaming.


Schematic of a CoaXPress link between a high speed camera and a Frame Grabber.

EqcoLogic's CoaXPress transceivers - EQCO62R20 and EQCO62T20 support high performance CoaXPress links

For more information please visit the JIIA websitee and the website of the CoaxPress Consortium .

Also see CoaXPress System Development and CoaXPress “Brainshark”