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The EQCO850SC single coax transceiver is designed to simultaneously transmit and receive signals on a single 50O coax cable up to 1.25 Gbps in both directions. Power can be delivered in parallel over the same coax by a current up to 900mA. Compatible with LVDS, CML and other NRZ differential signaling methods.

Key Features

  • Full-duplex bidirectional communication over a single 50O coax supporting: Fast- and Gigabit Ethernet, LVDS, IEEE1394b (S800 and lower data rates) and MOST® 150; (150 Mbps, automotive) protocols
  • Developed for Low Emissions and High ImmunityDeveloped for Low Emissions and High Immunity
  • Cable extension due to internal equalization e.g., Fast Ethernet at 125 Mbps, 60m over RTK coax cable (3.2 mm diameter)
  • IEEE1394/S800@ 1Gbps, 25m over RTK coax cable