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Designed to support HD-SDI and HDcctv camera systems, this EqcoLogic transceiver set is for video connections with speeds of up to 3.0 Gbps; features a transmitter with low speed receiver channel (camera end) and high speed receiver with low speed transmitter (recorder end). designed for 75ohm coaxial cable. Supports Power transmission over same coax cable.

The EQCO30T5 device is designed to drive the high speed video signals from the camera and to receive low speed control signals from the control unit or recorder. The EQCO30R5 is the receiver for high speed video (incorporating proprietary Equalizer technology)and the driver for the low speed control signals.

The device pair is used in products such as HD-SDI repeaters, system units to boost cable length.


This solution is useful and economical for many markets and applications, including the following:

  • High Definition, high frame rate Pro-video HD/SDI video transmission
  • Surveillance, industrial/inspection, medical video
  • Repeaters for long-haul transmission of HD-SDI signals

The EQCO2754 can be used as an input device for all types of monitors, projectors etc. giving optimal compensation of frequency dependent signal loss.

The voltage regulator internal to the EQCO2754 allows easy integration into smart cables. Only a handful of supplementary low cost SMD capacitors are required to complete the function.

The EQCO2754 is a 4 channel equalizer. Each of the equalizers operate independently finding the optimal compensation level, deskewing the interpairskew by up to 40%.


Key Features

  • Long cable reach ( Belden1694A ):
    • 140m @ 3.0 Gbps
    • 200m @ 1.5 Gbps
    • 400m @ 270 Mbps
  • Compatible with all SMPTE 3G-SDI data-rates
    • SMPTE 259M - SDI - 143 to 360 Mbps
    • SMPTE 344M - 540 Mbps
    • SMPTE292M - HD-SDI - 1.485 Gbps
    • SMPTE372M - dual link HD-SDI - 2.97 Gbps
    • SMPTE424M - dual speed HD-SDI - 2.97 Gbps
  • Pin compatible to Gennum and National Semiconductor parts
    • Low Power 80 mW @ 1.2 V or 220 mW @ 3.3 V
    • 3.3 V supply
    • Auto-adaptive variable gain for very robust operation
    • -40°C to + 85°C temperature range
    • 16-pin, 0.65 mm pin pitch, 4 mm QFN package


A number of cables and connectors have been tested by EqcoLogic with the EQCO30T/R5 chipset; the following are known to be good connector and cable solutions for demanding applications.


  Name Belden 7731A Belden 1694A Belden 1505A Belden 1505F Belden 1855A
  Type Long distance Industrial standard compromise Coax Flexible Thinnest Cable
Diameter (mm) 10.3 6.99 5.94 6.15 4.03
BNC   Neutrik NBNC75BTU11 Neutrik NBNC75BLP9 Neutrik NBNC75BJP9 Neutrik NBNC75BDD6
Din 1.0/2.3   Amphenol 282137-75 Amphenol 282135-75   Amphenol 282138-75


  Name Gepco VHD1100 Gepco VSD2001 Gepco VPM2000 Gepco VHD200M Gepco VDM230
  Type Long distance Industrial standard compromise Coax Flexible Thinnest Cable
Diameter (mm) 10.3 6.91 6.15 6.15 4.16
BNC   Neutrik NBNC75BTU11 Neutrik NBNC75BLP9    
Din 1.0/2.3         Cambridge connector NPF4335


  Name Canare L-7CFB Canare L-5CFB Canare L-4CFB Canare L-3CFB Canare L-2.5CFB
  Type Long distance Industrial standard compromise Coax Thin cable Thinnest Cable
Diameter (mm) 10.2 7.7 6.1 5.5 4
BNC Canare BCP-C7FA Canare BCP-C5FA Canare BCP-C4F Canare BCP-C3F Canare BCP-C25F

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