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In recent years there has been an explosion in the use of high speed serial links to replace parallel buses and analog connections. This has transformed the way computers communicate both internally, via technologies such as SATA, replacing PATA and PCI Express, replacing PCI, and externally, via USB, firewire, HDMI etc.


As serial data communication speeds increase the electrical loss of the cable (due to cable capacitance, inductance and skin effect) also increases making it difficult to send high speed digital signals over long distances at low power. In other words, the "eye diagram" (left panel, top), a measure of the ability of the receiver to distinguish between '0's and '1's, becomes closed.

Equalizer Technology

The cable equalizer technology (implemented in CMOS) measures this loss and automatically restores the high frequency components of signals degraded by transmission over a long cable (right panel, top) and thus is able to " open your eyes™ ". All of the equalizer products are fully adaptive – meaning that the signal recovery performance adapts automatically to compensate for different cable lengths, temperatures and other factors like system aging. The equalizers are also designed for lowest achievable power consumption, reducing energy wastage and unwanted heat within systems.