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EQCO-FW5001 (50Ω) and EQCO7501 (75Ω)

Repeaters for HD-SDI (HD-CCTV) systems; allows long haul, with power and control signals transmitted to camera.

The HD-SDI repeater system receives HD digital images from a surveillance camera, equalizes and corrects the signal and then transmits it onwards. Each repeater receives/transmits up to 220m (based on cable quality) over 75O.

While transmitting the image data at up to 1.5Gbit/s from the camera, the repeater link also supports the transmission of power over coax and RS485 control signals to the camera.

Up to 5 repeaters can be placed in-line to achieve up to 1km distance at 1.5Gbps without adding additional power.