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Digital TV cameras are generally connected to editing and storage equipment via high quality coax cables. The broadcast industry works within a set of standards generated by The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers ("SMPTE"). There are SMPTE standards for data rates from 270Mbit/s, used for "standard definition" digital TV(SDI), to 1.5Gbit/s for "high definition" (HD-SDI). Currently, the highest speed SMPTE implementation is at 3Gbit/s for High Definition, deep color TV (1080p); there are further developments to 6Gbit/s for 4k resolution that include highest resolution together with high framerate to support slow motion replay for sports applications.

EqcoLogic's first commercial product was a 1.5Gbit/s equalizer for HDSDI which was licensed to a US company and went on the market in 2007.

Image courtesy of the MOST Cooperation.

Since then, EqcoLogic has continued to develop products for the Broadcast sector, including:

  • EQCO30R55, a maximum speed, 3.0Gbit/s equalizer that is fully adaptive and offers maximum cable range at every speed defined by SMPTE SDI and HD-SDI standards.
  • EQCO30T5 - a cable driver also maximum speed (up to 3Gbit/s); with the EQCO30R5, See also the EQCO30T/R5 product information for details of uplink and power transmission capability