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Many cars feature multi-media networks for entertainment and information services for passengers and driver. With more and more cameras being used to improve driving safety, as well as increasingly high definition mapping available for GPS navigation systems, the quantity of data being moved around the car is rising all the time.

There are a number of network protocols and point to point connection systems on offer for car networks, including:

  • MOST® - licensed by MOST Cooperation, complete network system for audio-visual ( A-V ) applications. Current MOST standards allow up to 150Mbit/s data transfer.
Image courtesy of the MOST Cooperation.
  • FireWire/IEEE 1394b Cu/Auto- a standard of the 1394 Trade Association With IEEE1394b networking, up to 800Mbit/s bus speeds are possible, making it possible to integrate A-V, camera and navigation applications.
  • LVDS is a common point to point connection system used in cars today. It is used to transport image data from external cameras and is also used to drive in-car displays for entertainment and information

EqcoLogic developed the EQCO850SC device for automotive links. It is a transceiver that allows low-cost automotive coaxial cables and connectors to be used for high speed bidirectional data over a single coax, including power.

EqcoLogic has now developed the EQ82150 specifically to optimise performance of MOST 150 over 50 ohm coax, in particular to meet the industry's EMI requirements.