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GestIC®Technology System

The GestIC® technology system is comprised of the respective GestIC chip, which is connected to sensing electrodes to determine the fluctuation pattern of the electrical field (E-field).

Sensing Electrodes

Typically, with MGC3030/3130/3140 using four receiver (Rx) electrodes, the origin of E-field variations caused by the user's hand can be detected.

These electrode signals are processed by the GestIC technology device to calculate the hand position relative to the sensing area in x, y, z data points, and to classify the movement pattern into gestures in real time.

Electrode Materials

  • Examples for electrode materials:
  • Rigid printed circuit (PCB) electrodes
  • Flexible printed circuit (FPC) electrodes
  • Laser catalyzer plating electrodes (LCP)
  • Laser direct structured electrodes (LDS)
  • Conductive foils
  • ITO coating

Microchip's GestIC technology utilizes low-cost and thin-sensing electrodes made of any conductive material. It allows an invisible integration behind the target device's housing while the overall thickness of the product's industrial design is not increased. Even the reuse of existing conductive structures, such as a display's Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) coating, is feasible making GestIC technology a very cost-effective system solution.

To learn more about the design and integration of GestIC technology sensing electrodes, please see the GestIC Design Guide.