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maXTouch® Touchscreen Controllers

Turnkey Solution for Multi-Finger Robust and Reliable Touch Pads and Screens

The maXTouch touch controller family provides a leading projected capacitive technology for touchscreens and touch pads, with a portfolio covering solutions for all touch surfaces and touch screens up to 24” diagonal size.

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Touch Basic

What is a Capacitor?

  • Two electrically isolated conductors close to
    one another
  • Conductors can be wires, PCB traces or even the human body
  • Hand moving in close proximity of a conductor creates capacitance
What is a capacitor

Capacitive Touch

Increase in capacitance is produced with the introduction of a touch from the user

  • Very simple construction
  • Proximity sensor
Capacitive touch
Outstanding Noise Immunity
maXTouch technology has superior Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR), which enables you to successfully combat various sources of electromagnetic interferences such as:
  • Injected current noise
  • Display radiated noise
  • Backlight and motor radiated noise
  • Fast transient current
maXTouch devices are built on a highly parallel sensing architecture and carry multiple hard-wired analog and digital filters. Combined with a high-performance and low-power CPU core, maXTouch devices are capable of maintaining a fast reporting rate and excellent touch performances in the presence of severe electromagnetic noise sources. Additionally, all maXTouch devices are designed to meet high Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) requirements. maXTouch devices have an unmatched track record for touch panels in the automotive, home appliances, medical and industrial markets that have successfully passed the industry-related EMC standards.
Exceptional Touch Performance
maXTouch technology combines the best of mutual and self-capacitance sensing method to ensure optimal touch performances.
Moisture Tolerance
  • No false touch in the presence of water
  • Reliable finger tracking through water droplet
Accuracy and Speed
  • Up to 16 concurrent touch tracking
  • Up to 250 Hz reporting rate with active noise filtering
  • Below 1 mm linearity and accuracy
  • Best edge performance
Various Touch Sensor Technologies
  • Discrete solutions such as One Glass Solution (OGS) or Glass/Film/Film (GFF)
  • Display integrated solutions such as On-cell stack-up
  • Standard and proprietary sensors patterns with ITO or alternative materials
Mechanical Design Freedom
  • Thick front panel of glass or plastics
  • Non-rectangular shape
Glove Support
  • Multi-gloved finger tracking
  • Up to 5 mm glove thickness
Embedded Touch Gestures
  • Single-finger gesture such as tap, double-tap or flick
  • Dual-finger gesture such as pinch and rotate


Touch and Input Sensing Video Channel