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1D Touch Library Solutions - Touch on MCU

Microchip offers complete tools to enable touch sensing on any MCU with an ADC. By using an MCU with an integrated touch module, the highest integration and lowest power can be achieved. To ensure your touch project benefits from proven touch algorithms for highest performance and reliability Microchip offers touch  libraries - These libraries are the essence of several decades of touch expertise, readily available for your design.

Futhermore, Micrcohip offers "MCUs with touch" - MCUs that feature dedicated CIPs (Core Independent Peripheral) to realize touch-offloading to core. These touch modules (HCVD, ADC2 w/ HCVD, PTC) support self and mutual measurements - providing great flexibility for the system designer. Due to the autonomous operation, CPU resouces and power are minimized, even for high key count designs. With built in automatic tuning and calibration Microchip provides highest quality of touch even under harsh environments.
Tabs / Touch Library
Design Flow
MCU Touch Modules
  mTouch Library - PIC  QTouch PTC Library - AVR, SAM 

Legacy: MLA Library

  • Studio 7
  • QTouch composer
  • QTouch Studio - Link
  • PIC 8/16/32 bit
    • any part with ADC
    • any part with HCVD/ADC2 module to offload the core
  •  AVR 8-bit with PTC
  • SAM 32-bit with PTC
Touch CIP - touch periperal
  • HCVD (Capacitive voltage divider) module
  • ADC2 w/ HCVD module
  • PTC (Peripheral Touch Controller) 
 Library  Features
  • Buttons
  • Proximity
  • Buttons
  • Sliders
  • Wheels
  •  Water resistance
  • Highest noise sustainability
  • At least 10 Vrms IEC 61000-4-6
  • Active noise avoidance
 Safety Touch  Libraries  
  •  IEC/UL 60730 Safety class B library (certified)

All listed MCUs feature a dedicated touch periperal.

To integrate touch into your MCU of choice is a very streamlined and well supported process thanks to the tool landscape of Microchip.

Independent if you prefer to use the PIC/AVR/SAM platform - only 4 steps are between your UI idea and the realization:


The touch libraries are developed for lean code, highest performance and ease of use. Regardless of the chosen platform you'll enjoy proven and reliable code.

Microchip offers broad portfolio of microcontrollers with built in core independent peripherals (CIP) for touch. These "MCU with Touch" are available for every MCU of platform - AVR, PIC and SAM.

A touch module enables highest sensitivity, lowest power consumption and superior noise immunity and water tolerance while offloading the core and system resources - resources you want to use for your actual main application.

Latest implementations support by hardware water tolerance touch or drive power consumption further down by waking the core only after a touch event has happened - oversampling, filtering, threshold comparison... all done in the touch CIP.

1DTouchModules   1DTouchModulesHistory

Every touch module enables reliable touch keys - recent implementations add support for water tolerance, higher proximity sensitivity or wake on touch.
1DTouchModulesComparison01  1DTouchModulesComparison02

Touch and Input Sensing Video Channel