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LIN Driver Software Libraries

One of Microchip Technology’s key design partners, ihr GmbH, has developed LIN-compliant drivers for Microchip’s PIC16F, PIC18F and PIC24F families of microcontrollers.

ihr is one of the leading manufacturers of diagnosis and emulation tools as well as gateways for the automotive industry. ihr GmbH is also an associated member of the LIN consortium and has been performing LIN conformance tests for LIN 1.3, LIN 2.0 and LIN 2.1 test specifications.

To further aid the user in configuring the driver for their end application, ihr has developed a LIN Configuration Tool. This tool helps automate the process of generating LIN-compliant code which contains bus configuration information, node information and signal data using the LIN Description File (LDF).

Download the latest version of the LIN Drivers and Configuration Tool from ihr.