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Functional Safety Relevant Features – 16-bit MCUs

Memory (Flash/RAM)CRC
Flash ECC
R/W Memory Protection
Boot Segment Protection
Dual Partition Program Memory
Illegal Opcode Detect
RAM Variable Memory Test
Load Once Per Reset Config Register
Self-Readable Flash Memory
SystemPower-on Reset (POR)
Brown-out Reset (BOR)
Configuration Mismatch Reset
High-Voltage Detect (HVD)--
High/Low Voltage Detect (HLVD)--
PWM Fault Management
PWM Lock-
Unique ID
UART Internal Loopback
Reset Trace
ICSP Write Inhibit-
Internal Pull-up/Pull-down
On-chip Regulator for CPU
Capacitor-less Regulator--
Asynchronous Master Clear Reset (MCLR)
CAN Port Loopback Mode-
GPIO/ESD Protection/PPSESD Protection
Boundary Scan
Peripheral Pin Select
I/O Port Readback
Virtual Pins--
Self-Readable Output Pins
CPU Trap Instructions/Fault DetectionError Trap Monitors
Program Counter Stuck-at-Faults
CPU Register Test
Analog Internal Vref and CTMUInternal Vref
Multiple Sample and Hold
Charge Time Measurement Unit (CTMU)-
Clocking Systems backup Oscillators/MonitorsRedundant Oscillator
Lockable Clock (OSCCON)
Fail Safe Clock Monitor
Frequency Detect
Windowed Watchdog Timer
Dual Watchdog
Std. WDT
Two-speed Start-up
Deadman Timer-
Other FeaturesMCAL Drivers for Autosar
C-Compiler ASIL-D Qualified per ISO-26262
LDRA Compliance Management Tool Suite Support

● Available in all devices
○ Available in some devices
- Not Available