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Functional Safety in Automotive

Microchip enables functional safety in automotive embedded designs—from electronic door handles to electronic steering systems—by providing you with the right building blocks to create a system that meets the most stringent requirements. Our extensive experience in creating robust applications helps us develop semiconductor components that offer the right combination of hardware and software features, plus development tools, suitable for your most  demanding automotive applications.

Functional Safety Relevant Features – 8-bit MCUs

Functional Safety Relevant Features – 16-bit MCUs

Our support for functional safety doesn’t stop at the component level. We can provide system designers with detailed information on any specific feature in a given device including advice about the proper usage of a feature, its reliability rate, its signature when something goes wrong, methods for detecting malfunctions and possible safe modes when problems arise.

In addition, we have partnered with Liverpool Data Research Associates (LDRA) to provide a seamless integration between our MPLAB® X Integrated Development Environment and MPLAB XC compilers and LDRA’s tool suite for functional safety compliance management, software verification, source code analysis and test tools. Contact your local Microchip representative for assistance in achieving the required level of functional safety for your next electronic system.