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Real-Time Clock/Calendars

Microchip’s portfolio of Real-Time Clock/Calendars (RTCCs) offer low-cost system timekeeping solution. RealTime Clock/Calendars track time with resolutions as small as 1/100th of a second and issue alarms on a wide variety of time conditions.

The RTCC maintains accurate time through system shutdowns by automatically switching over to an external battery back-up source. RTCC’s are designed to operate using a 32.768 kHz quartz crystal and can digitally compensate for frequency variance caused by crystal tolerance and temperature. Microchip RTCC’s have a I2C™ or SPI interface for configuration, reading and writing the time. Additionally, alarm interrupt requests, square wave output and system reset control signals are available on dedicated pins.

Microchip’s RTCCs are available with a range of internal memories including battery-backed SRAM, non-volatile EEPROM and an additional area of protected EEPROM. The protected EEPROM area is only writable after the RTCC receives an unlock sequence and is available pre-programmed with unique EUI-48™ or EUI-64™ MAC address. Custom programming is also available.