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Modular Training on Automotive Networking / MOST

In addition to its standard training modules, Microchip offers project-related workshops, which provide an excellent opportunity to review your project face-to-face with Microchip's experts and get solutions for your specific design challenges. Microchip's extensive experience with MOST® technology can help you resolve issues and shorten the development time of hardware and software components.

The following topics are covered in our workshops:

  • Network interface hardware design and review
  • MediaLB® implementation
  • MediaLB verification
  • Video over MOST (MPEG and DTCP)
  • MOST NetServices migration
  • MHP implementation
  • System design and modeling
  • System verification and integration
  • Proof of concept


Workshop participants must have the following knowl­edge and skills:

  • MOST® Foundation Training
  • Overview of MOST NetServices
  • Understanding of MOST Specification

For software-related topics, SMSC recommends participants have:

  • Knowledge of MOST NetServices
  • Proficiency in C programming language C

Lead Time Workshops

Special preparation is needed to ensure the success of your customized workshop.
Lead times may vary from approximately one to three months.

MOST Training and Workshops Overview