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Modular Training on Automotive Networking / MOST

One of Microchip's primary goals is to support its customers with the design process throughout all phases of their product development cycle. Microchip's MOST® training modules and workshops will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to effectively develop your MOST related applications. Offering a variety of training modules, Microchip makes it easy for you to plan and tailor the instruction to meet your particular requirements. Microchip's customized workshops provide project-related assistance to discuss and review specific project challenges face-to-face with Microchip's MOST experts.

The following training modules are available to help accelerate your design cycle and significantly reduce your time-to-market:

  • MOST Foundation Training:
    Covers the basic components and principles of MOST networks, their system management and design. All other training modules are based on this course.
  • INIC Training:
    Provides a complete overview on the advanced features and API of the Intelligent Network Interface Controller (INIC) family.
  • Media Local Bus (MediaLB®) Training:
    Introduces the principles of the MediaLB high-speed interface and provides an overview on the latest MediaLB tools.
  • MOST NetServices™ Training:
    Offers a comprehensive overview on both the API and the configuration of the middleware library, which is commonly used to hook up the application to an INIC based MOST network.