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Training and Workshops on Automotive Networking / MOST

The primary goal of Microchip's MOST® related training is to provide our customers with the know-how to work effectively with MOST. To ensure that you are supported at all stages of your MOST related project, Microchip offers a modular training program.


An experienced trainer instructs you in selected MOST related topics using the appropriate hardware and software setups.

  • Classes are led by experienced trainers and offer a balanced mix of theory and hands-on exercises
  • Hands-on exercises allow students to use the latest tools and software.
  • Small class size ensures close interaction between students and trainer.
  • Detailed documentation in English
  • English and German are the standard languages for training, but Swedish and Japanese are available on request for specific training sessions.

Self-paced Training on MOST

The "Introduction to MOST Technology V1.1" is a so-called self-paced training that requires about 40 – 50 Minutes to complete. The self-paced training consists of animated PPT slides, based on Adobe Flash®, in combination with narration and text. At the end of each chapter there is a brief interactive knowledge check.

Click "here" to start the download of the training material to your local hard drive. Once downloaded, double click on the installer to install the training material and begin your training. Please feel free to share the link or the unaltered installation file if you like.


Please request a workshop if you need to improve or speed-up your development. We will then jointly review the specific aspects of your current project and create an appropriate training program.


Email: training-ais-usa@microchip.com


Europe and Asia

Email: training-ais-europe@microchip.com



Email: training-ais-jp@microchip.com

Locations and Contacts for training on Automotive Networking / MOST

If you have any question regarding MOST training or workshops, please contact one of the following addresses according to your desired training location:

US and Americas

‘MOST Foundation Training’ is typically scheduled monthly,
‘INIC Training’ and ‘MOST NetServices Training’ once per quarter, based on customer requests. Classes are generally available in the Detroit area or in Austin, customer-site training is available for additional charge.

For information on actual classes, dates, locations and pricing or if you want to book a class please contact us:

Microchip Technology Inc.
10900-B Stonelake Blvd.
Suite 100
Austin Texas 78759
United States of America

Phone: +01 (512) 306 - 8450
Fax: +01 (512) 334 - 1984
Email: training-ais-usa@microchip.com

Europe and Asia

All MOST related trainings are typically scheduled once a month in our training center in Karlsruhe/Germany.
Customers can register online for MOST training in Germany.
For any information on classes, dates or general questions please contact us:

Microchip Technology Germany II GmbH & Co. KG
Emmy-Noether-Strasse 14
76131 Karlsruhe

Phone: +49 (0)721 62537 220
Fax: +49 (0) 721 625 37-119
Email: training-ais-europe@microchip.com


Microchip Technology Japan K.K.
Sumitomo Higashi
Shinbashi Bldg. No.3, 4F
Hamamatsu-cho, Minato-ku
Tokyo, 105 0013

Phone : +81-03-6880-3770
Email: training-ais-jp@microchip.com