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Thermocouple Conditioning ICs

Microchip's MCP9600, MCP96L00 and MCP96RL00 thermocouple conditioning ICs convert thermocouple Electro-Motive Force (EMF) to degree Celsius with integrated cold-junction compensation. These devices integrate a precision high-resolution Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) and a precision high-accuracy temperature sensor to include precision instrumentation that corrects the thermocouple nonlinear error characteristics of eight different thermocouple types. The MCP9600/L00/RL00 devices output up to ±1.5°C accurate temperature data for the selected thermocouple and available in a space-saving 5×5 mm QFN package.

Thermocouple Conditioning IC Design Benefits

  • World’s first fully integrated thermocouple to degrees Celsius converter ICs
  • Simplifies designs by combining a high-precision ADC, high-accuracy temperature sensor and a preprogrammed math engine into a single package
  • Easy-to-use MCP9600/L00/RL00 Thermocouple Development Kit allows you to quickly accelerate your design to production
  • The MCP9600 features a ±0.5°C (Typ.) measurement accuracy, the MCP96L00 has a ±2°C (Typ.) measurement accuracy and the MCP96RL00 has a ±4°C (Typ.) measurement accuracy