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Remote Temperature Sensor IC

Microchips remote temp sensors are digital temp sensors for monitoring multiple heat sources.  The I2C / SMBus sensors deliver +/-1 C maximum accuracy performance.  For placement on a large circuit board or off-board with connectors, the remote temperature sensor can reach hundreds of feet.  By utilizing resistance error correction (REC), series resistance effects can be eliminated up to 100 Ω automatically, while maintaining +/-1 C.  For advance processors, the remote temperature sensing can connect to substrate diode pins and use beta compensation to measure temperatures on CPU, GPU, FPGAs and ASICs.

Featured Devices

  • 8-channel monitoring
  • Block read and write
  • Highlights hottest channel
  • 4 channel monitoring
  • 3x3 VDFN-10
  • Anti-parallel diodes
  • 3 channel monitoring
  • Ideality factor correction
  • Automatic beta compensation

Remote Temperature Sensors