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Fan Controller ICs

Microchips fan controller ICs are primarily PWM fan controllers with a few linear drive offerings. Half of the PWM fan control ICs utilize closed-loop fan control with I2C, look-up tables, PID loop control, ramp rate control, spin-up control, alerts for locked rotors and blocked air path. They also contain integrated temperature sensors for multiple measurement zones.

The remaining PWM fan controllers are open loop fan controllers, where Fan-Sense technology protects against fan and system failure and eliminates the need for 3-wire fans.  In these fan controller ICs, the temperature is proportional to fan speed control.

Featured Devices

  • 1 PWM fan driver
  • Closed loop or direct I2C drive
  • 0.5% Tach accuracy
  • 5 PWM fan drivers
  • Closed loop or direct I2C drive
  • Spin up and ramp rate control
  • 2 PWM fan drivers
  • 5 channels of temperature monitoring
  • Lookup table for 8 PWM to temperature settings