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Piezoelectric Horn Driver ICs

Microchip offers a family of Piezoelectric Horn Driver ICs for low voltage operation.

The horn driver series of ICs offer a variety of low voltage operation for driving piezoelectric horns: 6 to 16V, 6 to 12V, 4 to 8V and 2 to 5V. The offering ranges from simple driver ICs to more highly integrated driver ICs, including many of the functions needed for safety and security applications.


  • SOIC or PDIP package
  • Low voltage horn driving
  • Low current, low power operation

For Selected Detectors

  • Charge pump
  • Power good indicator
  • Boost switcher
  • LDO
  • LED driver
  • Low battery indicator
  • Brownout detection
  • Interconnect for sounding multiple connected units
Tabs / Horn Driver
Reference Designs

CO and Smoke Detector ICs

Title Part Number Devices Supported
RE46C190 Smoke Detector ADM00344 RE46C190, RE46C191

Analog Video Channel