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Motor Driver

Microchip has more than 20 years' experience with driver ICs for automotive motors. We supply products at a high-volume for a variety of common body electronic applications, including mirror control and flap control in HVACs. They all share the same protection features – short-circuit protection, temperature warning and switch off, low voltage protection, and open load detection – all of which are a must for automotive electronics.

Features and Benefits

The Microchip driver family includes a wide variety of integrated half bridge output stages, enabling designers to easily tailor solutions to their needs.

Our driver portfolio includes ICs for small DC motors controlled directly from the output stages. At the heart of the Microchip, the portfolio is motor driver system basis chips, with integrated gate drivers or pre-drivers to control separate NMOSFETs. These drivers can be used to control almost any size of NMOSFETs, for use in a broad range of applications.

With few external components, the Microchip driver ICs with LIN communication and the Microchip microcontrollers combine to create cost-efficient motor driver modules, complete with LIN functionality for harsh automotive conditions.

The Microchip motor driver family targets applications with stepper motors, brushed and brushless DC motors for standard temperature applications, as well as demanding high-temperature "under-the-hood" applications.