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Interface Families

Real-Time Clock / Calendar Products

I2C RTCC: 8-pin devices that are low cost and feature rich, with memory and MAC address to help reduce system costs. With an input for backup power and a timestamp, the time and duration of any power failure can be logged.

SPI RTCC: 14-pin devices that start with the same features as the I2C RTCC plus a few more to help offload MCU tasks for lower power, reduced system costs and increased robustness. This includes programmable inputs for mechanical switches or sensors, a watchdog timer and an option for a boot clock output.

CAN Communication Products

  • Complete family of CAN solutions (MCUs, stand-alone controllers, transceivers)
  • CAN I/O expanders for simple, cost-effective non-MCU based CAN nodes
  • ISO11898 compatible CAN transceivers

Ethernet Products

A wide range of remote communication features are possible when Ethernet connectivity is added to embedded designs. For example, it can enable end users to remotely monitor systems using a web browser or receive emails triggered by service alerts or low product inventory. It saves cost and time since they can centrally monitor, control and service their embedded systems over the Internet instead of physically being there. Microchip's Ethernet solutions are designed to support the growing needs of these markets with a full complement of robust, highly integrated Ethernet PIC® MCUs and Ethernet devices.

High Voltage Interface

High Voltage Interface products provide level translation and amplification, connecting low voltage control circuits to other high voltage circuits for one to multiple signals. Products vary from simple MOSFETs of different types to complex HV ICs. Different digital interfaces include simple digital inputs, to more complex protocols such as SPI, I2C, with data rates to 10s of MHz. The more complex IC products enable serial to parallel conversion functionality, supporting voltages to 300V, with output channel count ranging from as few as 4 to as many as 128, and other features.

I/O Expanders

  • 8- and 16-bit I/O expanders
  • SPI and I2C interface

Infrared Communication Products

In focusing on connectivity solutions for our customers, Microchip offers products to support infrared wireless communication.

LIN Bus Transceivers

  • Compliant with LIN Bus Specs 1.3, 2.0, 2.1 and SAE J2602 which allows for reliable interoperability
  • High EMI Low EME that meets stringent OEM requirements
  • On-board Vreg available in 3.3V and 5.0V 50 mA options

Microchip mTouch® Sensing Solutions

Microchip's mTouch® Sensing Solution provides a free and easy method for designers to add touch sensing to applications utilizing PIC® microcontrollers without the cost of fee-based licensing and royalty agreements. Being a source-code solution further helps engineers quickly integrate touch sensing functionality with their existing application code in a single, standard microcontroller, thus reducing the total system cost associated with current solutions.

USB Products

Originally intended as a replacement for serial and parallel connections on a PC to connect mice, keyboards and printers. Universal Serial Bus has grown to become a common interface in many embedded industrial, medical, automotive, and consumer applications. Microchip's USB solutions are designed to support the growing needs of these markets with a full complement of robust, highly integrated USB PIC® MCUs and dsPIC® DSCs and USB Hubs and devices.

Analog Video Channel