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Voltage Reference

Microchip offers several families of series and shunt voltage references, with options for high-accuracy, low-noise and general purpose use. These devices provide a stable reference for a wide variety of data conversion and signal conditioning applications.

Microchip Voltage Reference devices offer: 

  • 0.1% initial accuracy families
  • Industry standard families
  • Wide selection of voltage options including adjustable

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  • Load regulation: 40 ppm/mA max
  • Low operating current: 140 μA
  • 8 Voltage options


  • Small SOT-23 package
  • No output capacitor required
  • Fixed voltages: 2.5V, 4.096V and 5.0V


  • Tolerates capacitive loads
  • Fixed voltages: 1.225V and
  • Adjustableversion

Use our Voltage Reference devices in your new application:

  • Data Acquisition Systems
  • Measurement devices and sensors
  • Industrial Controls
  • Medical devices

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Tabs / Voltage Reference
Reference Designs
Title Part Number Devices Supported
MCP3421 Weight Scale MCP3421DM-WS MCP3421, MCP6V07
MCP3421 Battery Fuel Gauge MCP3421DM-BFG MCP3421, MCP3422, MCP1702, PIC18F4550
MCP355X Tiny Application Sensor MCP355XDM-TAS MCP3550, MCP3551, MCP3553
RTD Temp Sensor TMPSNS-RTD1 MCP3301, MCP41010, MCP6S26, PIC18F2550
RTD Reference Design Board TMPSNSRD-RTD2 MCP3551, MCP9804

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