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Analog to Digital Converter

Microchip offers a variety of analog to digital converters(ADCs) to help you design better by delivering high accuracy and low power per given sampling speed. The broad portfolio comes with a variety of speed and resolution.

Microchip ADC devices offer

  • High accuracy
  • Low power operation
  • Small packaging
  • Simplicity of system design
Analog to Digital Converters

Featured ADC Devices


MCP37D31-200 MCU
  • 16-bit resolution
  • 200 Msps maximum sampling rate
  • Low power 490 mW operation at full sampling rate


  • 18-bit resolution
  • Small 6-lead SOT-23 packaging
  • Low current consumption, 145 µA at 3V
  • Supports I2C™ serial interface


  • 12-bit resolution
  • I2C™ Compatible serial interface
  • 22.3 ksps in I2C Fast Mode

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Pipelined A/D Converters
Microchip’s Pipelined Analog-to-Digital Converters offer 16-bit resolution with sampling speeds up to 200 Msps. 
Delta-Sigma A/D Converters
Microchip’s Delta-Sigma ADC families offer 16 to 24-bits of resolution with sampling rates from 4 sps to over 100 ksps.
SAR A/D Converters
Microchip's SAR (Successive Approximation Register) ADC offering provides a broad selection for low power applications. These devices operate with an active conversion current as low as 175 µA. 
Display A/D Converters
Microchip offers a wide variety of display ADCs, which provide a complete data acquisition system on a chip.
Dual Slope A/D Converters

Noise rejection of 50/60 Hz and flexible speed vs. resolution configuration make these devices suitable for a variety of data acquisition systems.

BCD & Binery A/D Converters

High precision plus industry-standard interfaces and pinouts make these devices fit in applications such as sensor interfaces, process controls, panel meters, instrumentation.

Analog Converters