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Radiation Hardened

Rad Hard ASICS - This product portfolio balances system cost reduction and better integration without compromising on performance and power consumption. Together with high-reliability, long term technology and a fully qualified supply chain, we have a proven track record in ASIC solutions with nearly 30 years of experience in the space industry.

The ASIC products are Rad Hard qualified ASICs in Europe with the ATMX150RHA SOI, 0.15 mixed signal technology and a set of qualified IPs, 5V compatibility, embedded nonvolatile memory with a high-voltage option. In addition, the ATC65RHA Rad Hard technology allows the highest digital complexity and high-speed serial link capabilities.

Rad Hard Processors – For nearly two decades the SPARC® architecture gained sales of over 4000 flight models featuring the SPARC V7 TSC695 and SPARC V8 AT697 while acquiring an unrivaled flight heritage experience in several space applications. Based on this experience, we introduced our Arm® Cortex® based Rad Hard solutions to cover the space market evolution in terms of performance and accessible ecosystem.

Rad Hard Communications ICs – We work with key customers to make ASIC designs available as standard products when they correspond to commonly used functions. With this approach, we offer a set of communication dedicated products like Spacewire and Ethernet devices that help to build a complete network based on Rad Hard devices. Additionally, a GNSS controller with System-on-Chip (SoC) capabilities processes the modern GPS, Galileo and other signals like Glonass and Beidu.

Rad Hard Memory - We have a long track record with memory (SRAM, DPRAM, FIFO and EEPROM) and our current space memory offering supports 1 Mb to 16 Mbit SRAM and 1 Mb to 4 Mb Serial EEPROM Rad Hard devices.