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High Reliability

In addition to the rad-hard and rad-tolerant product portfolios, Microchip offers extended temperature products in the -55°C to +125°C range. These products are selected for their maturity owing to large, successful deployment in automotive and industrial markets, and they benefit from the following services:

  • Full traceability and long term supply beside high volume commercial flow
  • Hi-Rel qualification flow according to AQEC recommendations
  • On demand screening options according to applications criticity
  • Full temperature range -55°C/125°C tests, characterization and qualification
  • Plastic and Hermetic ceramic packages with same pin out distribution
  • Neutron latch immune and by functional blocks SEU characterization

See our extended-temperature and MIL-grade parallel EEPROMs.

See Rad Tolerant devices for the first list of available extended temperature devices.

Beyond our available high-reliability solutions, please see the overall Microchip portfolio and ask for a Hi-Rel version; we will be pleased to assess feasibility according to your specific needs.