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Slope Compensation (SC) Module

The (SC) module is designed to provide the necessary slope compensation for fixed frequency, continuous current, switching power supplies. Slope compensation is a necessary feature of these power supplies because it prevents instability at duty cycles greater than 50%.

  • Prevents frequency instability
    • Fixed frequency peak current mode (PCM) SMPS
  • Helps stabilize output at duty cycles > 50%
    • Reduces ripple due to limit cycling
  • Programmable slope and frequency generation
  • BOM reduction – compared to external solution
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Title Date Published Size D/L
TB3104 (DS-90003104)— Boost Converter using the PIC16F753 Analog Features 09/11/13 230 KB PDF
TB3103 (DS-90003103)— Buck Converter using the PIC16F753 Analog Features 10/01/12 230 KB PDF

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