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Configurable Logic Cell

Custom Combinational and Sequential Logic


  • Combinational Logic Functions
  • State Functions / Clock
    • D & JK Flip-flops, D & SR Latch’s
  • Customizable logic with run time control
  • Up to 32 external or internal input sources
  • Output to external pins or internal peripherals
  • Configuration via Microchip Code Configurator (MCC)


  • Increases on chip interconnectivity
  • Reduces component count and PCB area
  • Fast event response
  • Core independent operation
  • Operation while in low power SLEEP

Configurable Logic Cell

Tabs / CLC
Webinars & Training


Title Abstract Recording Date Duration
Using the Configurable Logic Cell This is a self-paced Training presentation that will focus on Microchip's Configurable Logic Cell (CLC) covering CLC Structure, Input Data Section, Data Gating Section, Logic Function Section, Output Control, A CLC Setup Sample, The CLC Design Tool and a Summary with some Additional Resources to get you started. 12/01/11 1.5 hours

Configurable Logic Cell