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8-Bit MCUs

24-bit Signal Measurement Timer (SMT)

The Signal Measurement Timer (SMT) is a 24-bit counter with advanced clocking and gating logic, which can be configured for measuring a variety of digital signal parameters such as pulse width, frequency and duty cycle, and the time difference between edges on two signals.


  • Accurate measurement of any digital signal
    • Period, pulse width, frequency, duration, duty cycle, time of flight, etc.
  • High resolution 24-bit signal measurement
  • Provides relative timing measurements
  • Multiple interrupt sources
    • Period match, measure period, pulse width
    • (2) Data Capture interrupts
  • Flexible input source sources
  • Useable as a general purpose 24-bit timer
  • Useable as a custom digital protocol decode


  • Code size reduction
  • Faster response to changing inputs
  • Core independent operation
  • Operation while in low power SLEEP
signal measurement timer diagram