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8-Bit MCUs

16-bit Pulse Width Modulation (16-bit PWM)

High Resolution with Independent Time Base High with no processing required by the MCU core.


  • Period, Phase, Duty Cycle and Offset control
  • PWM Modes
    • Standard
    • Center Aligned
    • Configurable Set/toggle on timer match
  • Flexibility when using multiple PWM Outputs
    • Use of offset registers to stagger outputs
  • Selectable internal or external clock source
  • Dedicated 16-bit Time Base
    • Four compare modes
    • Useable as a general purpose 16-bit timer/counter
  • Paired with the DSM to create LED dimming engine


  • Reduced EMI using Center Aligned
  • Intelligent PWM Reconfiguration
  • Use interrupts to trigger events
  • Precise duty cycle control
    • Smaller step size
    • Smoother transitions
  • Core independent operation
16 bit pulse width modulation diagram