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Wi-Fi® Remote Control for Lighting or Appliances

A smart home is really an automated home. It lets you connect and program smart devices, smart appliances and smart gadgets to offer you convenience, entertainment, security and savings. Wi-Fi is the most common wireless technology that is used to connect these smart devices.

Our Wi-Fi RGB Easy Configuration demo shows you how to configure an embedded Wi-Fi device, such as lighting or a home appliance, that does not have a keyboard and screen. You can use the internal web server and our TCP/IP stack to control the Red/Green/Blue (RGB) LED with your web browser. Here’s a brief overview of the demo:

  • A Curiosity PIC32MZ EF 2.0 Development Board featuring a 32-bit PIC32MZ EF microcontroller (MCU) is used as the main board
  • A WINC1500 Xplained Pro Extension Board is plugged into the Curiosity board’s XPRO connector to enable and configure Wi-Fi connectivity
  • A web page hosted by the Curiosity board provides the interface to change the color of the on-board RGB LED
Wi-Fi Remote Control for Lighting or Appliances