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USB Device/Host Applications with 32-bit Microcontrollers

Universal Serial Bus (USB) has truly become universal over the past two decades and can now be found almost everywhere. With its proven protocol and a wide variety of class drivers, USB plays a key role in communications, human interface devices, video streaming, printing, automotive, Internet of Things (IoT) and many other applications.

MPLAB® Harmony v3 provides many of the building blocks required for adding USB connectivity to your 32-bit microcontroller (MCU)-based embedded applications. It includes multiple demos for these USB applications:

USB Device Examples

  • Communications Device Class (CDC)
  • Mass Storage Device (MSD)
  • Human Interface Device (HID) (Keyboard/Mouse/Joystick)
  • Printer
  • Composite Devices

USB Host Examples

  • Communications Device Class (CDC)
  • Human Interface Device (HID)
  • Mass Storage Device (MSD)
  • Hub

Dual Role Example

  • Switching Between USB Host Mass Storage Device (MSD) Stack and USB Human Interface Device (HID)

Featured Development Board

Curiosity PIC32MZ EF 2.0 Development Board

Curiosity PIC32MZ EF 2.0 Development Board

The Curiosity PIC32MZ EF 2.0. Development Board provides you with the freedom to develop a variety of applications, including high-speed USB 2.0, Bluetooth® audio, CAN, graphics/user interfaces, Internet of Things (IoT), robotics and proof-of-concept designs. It includes an integrated programmer and debugger and requires no additional hardware to get started.