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Fitness Tracker/Wearable Solution

There are many types of fitness or activity trackers available on the market that can monitor your heart rate, your sleep patterns or your performance in a variety of sports activities. Our solution showcases how a 32-bit microcontroller (MCU) can be used to create a variety of products for the healthcare and wearables markets.

This demo of a fitness tracker displays heart rate readings measured in beats per minute (bpm) on a low-power E ink display. Here’s a quick overview of how it works:

  • The host SAM D21 MCU communicates with a MikroElektronika Heart Rate 3 click board over the I2C interface and with a MikroElektronika eINK click over the SPI Interface
  • The Heart Rate 3 click board provides accurate heart rate readings when you place an index finger on top of the sensor
  • The eINK click bundle features a low-power display that shows the heart rate and retains data even after the device is disconnected from a power source
Our Ultra-Low-Power Connected Demo Reference Design (ATULPC-DEMO) is also available for creating similar applications.
Fitness Tracker/Wearable Solution