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PIC24H/PIC24E: Highest Performance 16-bit MCUs

The PIC24H/E general purpose microcontroller family features the highest 16-bit MCU performance and excellent code density. The PIC24H/E family offers CANcommunications, integrated op-amps and motor control, superior ADC performance, USB-OTG, and extensive data movement through DMA channels. PIC24H/E devices are available in small packages (down to 5 x 5 mm) with scalable memory (up to 536 KB) and extended (125°C) and high temperature (150°C) options.

To learn more about the PIC24H CPU and PIC24E CPU or the peripherals in general, please view the PIC24H Family Reference Manual and the PIC24E Family Reference Manual or the Programmers Reference Manual.

PIC24H and PIC24E Highest Performance 16-bit MCUs

Up to 70 MIPS operation at 3.3V

  • Fast DMA with no cycle stealing
  • Single-cycle execution and fast interrupts (5 cycles)
  • High-performance 10/12-bit ADC
  • Up to 2 CAN, I2C, SPI, and PMP
  • Motor control peripherals and integrated op-amps
  • Automotive support (qualified for AEC-Q100) and high-temperature (150°C) options

16-bit Video Channel