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PIC24F Microcontrollers

Low-Power and Cost-Effective MCUs in Small Packages

The PIC24F is a cost-effective, low-power family of microcontrollers (MCUs), featuring devices with eXtreme Low Power (XLP) technology, 16 MIPS performance and dual-partition memory with up to 1024 KB of Flash and a rich set of Core Independent Peripherals (CIPs). With flash memory densities ranging from 16 KB to 1 MB and packages in pin counts ranging from 28 – 121 pin options, the PIC24F family gives you a truly differentiated general-purpose microcontroller that is ideal for many space-constrained, low-power, cost-sensitive industrial, audio and consumer applications. The PIC24F portfolio also offers an upgrade in features and peripherals for applications that are pushing the boundaries of 8-bit MCU capabilities making it the ideal migration device for former 8-bit users.  

High Peripheral Integration for Flexible and Innovative Designs

Our PIC24F family offers a rich set of peripherals that help customers differentiate their end designs with real-time control and simple communication with other devices. PIC24F family offers key communication and control peripherals like USB, SPI, UART, I2C, PWMs and timers, as well as specialized peripherals for graphics, segmented LCD and audio applications. Integrated analog peripherals, such as high-performance ADCs, DACs, comparators and op amps, simplify analog designs and reduce component costs. In addition, Core Independent Peripherals, such as Configurable Logic Cells (CLC), DMA and cryptographic accelerators, enable higher levels of integration and flexibility.

PIC24F Product Portfolio

The PIC24F family of products provides scalability across a wide range of applications, while providing easy migration options as all devices have the same instruction set, common pin-outs, share peripherals and use the same tools which accelerate development and reduce design time. Use the guide below to choose the right PIC24F family for your application.

PIC24 Product Portfolio Guide

Explore PIC24F Families

For more information on how each of our PIC24F product families can be used in your design, please click on the box of interest below:

PIC24F ‘GA’ Family

Suited for applications that require very low power, small footprints and scalable memory.

PIC24F ‘GB’ Family

Ideal for applications that require USB connectivity, LCD display, security and large memory.

PIC24F ‘GC’ Family

Appropriate for applications that require precision analog performance, LCD drivers, USB and low power.

PIC24F ‘DA’ Family

Perfect for applications that require an integrated graphics controller, large RAM frame buffers and USB connectivity.

Parametric Charts

For a more in-depth analysis of our PIC24F peripheral offerings, use our parametric tables to select the perfect microcontroller for your design.

Innovative Peripherals

Learn more about our rich set of high-performance peripherals that integrate seamlessly with your application reducing costs and development time

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