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dsPIC33F/dsPIC33E: High Performance DSCs

Perform Under Pressure with dsPIC DSCs

The dsPIC33 Digital Signal Controllers offer the performance of a DSP with the simplicity of an MCU. The dsPIC DSC core is designed to execute digital filter algorithms and high-speed precision digital control loops, ideal for applications that need to perform under pressure.

dsPIC DSCs Perform Under Pressure

Perform Under Pressure Using dsPIC33 Performance, Peripherals, Packaging and Portfolio

PERFORMANCE: A True DSP, with MCU Simplicity

  • Designed for real time control

  • Executes 8 operations in 1 instruction

  • Fixed point math manages overflow and rounding

  • Zero cycle looping

  • 40-bit accumulators for high-precision results

  • Up to 70 MIPS performance

PERIPHERALS: The Right Mix of Integration

  • Dual CAN, and USB

  • Op amps and fast comparators

  • ADCs with multiple samples and holds

  • Peripheral Trigger Generator (PTG) for scheduling complex, high-speed peripheral operations

  • Sophisticated PWMs with app-specific modes

PACKAGING: More Package Options

  • 18 to 144-pin options

  • Use the same 28-pin package from 6 KB to 512 KB Flash

  • Small pin counts and form factor packages

PORTFOLIO: Scalable and Flexible Family

  • Over 1500 dsPIC® DSC product variants

  • Support for both 3V & 5V operation

  • Extended (125°C) and High-temperature (150°C) options

  • Flash Memory with ECC ranging from 6 KB to 512 KB

  • AEC-Q100 Grade 0 Qualification

  • Functional Safety features for reliable operations

16-bit Video Channel