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16-bit Microcontrollers Tailored for Your Application

Shorten Your Time to Market with PIC24 Microcontrollers and dsPIC® Digital Signal Controllers

In today’s embedded world, designers are trying get their products to market as fast as possible with limited resources to solve design challenges. To meet these objectives, Microchip’s PIC24 microcontroller (MCU) and dsPIC® Digital Signal Controller (DSC) portfolios include products, supporting software and tools to help speed development times in Industrial and Automotive applications needing motor control, power conversion, functional safety certifications or low power.

PIC24 microcontrollers are ideal for applications which have outgrown the performance or memory capabilities of an 8-bit MCU and benefit from staying within a common MPLAB® ecosystem and support in MPLAB Code Configurator. There is no need to learn a new tool chain or migrate to a more complex architecture as the PIC24 offers an easy transition with similar Core Independent Peripherals with up to 1 MB program memory, plenty of room for the most complex embedded designs.

The dsPIC digital signal controllers add Digital Signal Processor (DSP) performance for time-critical control loops with the simplicity of a microcontroller. The dsPIC devices include specialized peripherals for precision motor control with sensorless field-oriented control and efficient digital power conversion with power factor correction. They also include many functional safety features to ensure robust operation for safety-critical applications. These products are supported by reference designs, software libraries and development boards so you can focus on differentiating your application.

Product Portfolio

Our 16-bit family portfolio spans multiple performance levels catering to embedded solutions ranging from basic to highly-complex systems. This coupled with a high level of peripheral integration and extensive development environment, results in the simplified implementation of complex control systems and gives designers the flexibility to innovate. Use the chart below to find the right solution for your application requirements for low-power, motor control, power conversion, analog, communications and functional safety related applications.

16-bit-Product Portfolio Guide Chart

Explore PIC24 and dsPIC33 Families

For more information on how each of our product families can be used in your design, please click on the box of interest below:

PIC24F Family of MCUs – 16 MIPS

Broad 16-bit general purpose MCU portfolio designed for ease of use, power efficiency, connectivity and touch.

dsPIC33F Family of DSCs – 40 MIPS

dsPIC33F devices are targeted for measurement and control, motor control and digital power conversion.

dsPIC33E Family of DSCs – 70 MIPS

The dsPIC33E family is ideal for high-performance motor control, automotive and high reliability industrial applications

dsPIC33C Family of DSCs – 100 MIPS

High-performance dual and single-core devices targeted for advanced digital power conversion, motor control and wireless charging.

PIC24 & dsPIC33 Family Block Diagram

PIC24 & dsPIC33 Family Block Diagram

Innovative Peripherals

Learn more about our rich set of high-performance peripherals that integrate seamlessly with your application reducing costs and development time

Complete embedded system at your fingertips

Differentiate your design with our high-performance cores and robust set of integrated peripherals crafted to address a wide range of applications including motor control, digital power conversion, home automation, industrial control and portable medical devices. This high level of integration helps you reduce design cost and time, allowing your designers to innovate, customize and differentiate your end products from your competition.

The PIC24 and dsPIC33 product families offers key communication and control peripherals like SPI, UART, CAN FD, I2C, high-speed PWMs, timers and more, as well as specialized peripherals for USB, graphics, motor control and digital power. With integrated precision analog peripherals, you can integrate analog functions such as high-performance ADCs, DACs and op amps into your applications providing simple-to-use interfaces that ease analog design and reduce cost by eliminating discrete analog components.

Core Independent Peripherals

Core Independent Peripherals (CIPs) are designed to handle their tasks with no supervision from the Central Processing Unit (CPU), offloading the core to accomplish other tasks or operate in Sleep or other low-power modes to save energy. In addition, Core Independent Peripherals, such as CLC, PTG and crypto, enable higher levels of integration and flexibility. Low-power CIPs can perform extremely complex tasks, such as cryptography and event monitoring.

MPLAB® Code Configurator

MPLAB Code Configurator is a free graphical programming environment that generates seamless, easy-to-understand C code. Using an intuitive interface, it enables and configures our rich set of peripherals and functions to get you up and running efficiently. It minimizes the reliance on product datasheets and reduces overall design effort and time, thereby accelerating generation of production-ready code.

Parametric Charts

For a more in-depth analysis of our peripheral offering, use our parametric tables to select the perfect microcontroller for your design.