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Integrated Analog

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Microchip’s Intelligent Analog portfolio offers intelligent control over standard Analog to Digital convertors (ADC), sigma-delta (ΣΔ) ADC, Digital to Analog convertors (DAC), Comparators, Op-Amps and Internal Reference Voltage (CVREF).

16-bit Peripheral Integrated Analog Block Diagram
Analog to Digital Converters

Microchip's ADC’s uses Successive Approximation Registers(SAR)  to convert the analog input signal into a digital output code. SAR applies to the converter that uses approximation for precise conversions. Learn more about the right PIC24/dsPIC33 Microchip ADC for your design here:

Family Reference Manual Section (FRM): Application Notes: Code Examples: Videos:
Microchip's Portable Weather Station Demonstration
This is a Core Independent Peripheral. To read more, click here

Sigma–Delta (ΣΔ) ADC:

Sigma–Delta (ΣΔ) ADC’s are ideal for converting analog signals spanning over multiple frequency ranges to high resolution digital data output streams. Learn more about Microchip’s high quality 16-Bit Sigma-Delta A/D Converters:

Family Reference Manual Section (FRM): Application Note: Migration Guide:
This is a Core Independent Peripheral. To read more, click here.


Digital to Analog Converters

High precision digital-to-analog converters (DAC’s) provide accurate conversions of digital streams to analog outputs.  Learn more about our integrated DAC’s and dedicated audio DAC’s that greatly simplify your design:

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This is a Core Independent Peripheral. To read more, click here.
Comparators and Op-Amps

Learn more about Microchip’s low power comparators and Op-amps that are designed to merge advantages of the PIC architecture and the flexibility of Flash program memory with the mixed signal nature of a voltage comparator. Together they form a low-cost hybrid digital/analog building block with the power and flexibility to work in an analog world. For more info on our comparators and Op-amps:

Family Reference Manual Section (FRM):

dsPIC33/PIC24 FRM - High-Speed Analog Comparator

dsPIC33F/PIC24H FRM - Comparator with Blanking

dsPIC33E/PIC24E FRM - Comparator

Code Examples:

CE176 - Comparator with Blanking and Filtering


Comparator with blanking and filtering on the dsPIC DSC

This is a Core Independent Peripheral. To read more, click here.

Internal Voltage Reference

Learn more about Microchip's selectable, comparator reference voltages that are designed for flexibility and speed:

Family Reference Manual Section (FRM):

PIC24F FRM - Comparator Voltage Reference

This is a Core Independent Peripheral. To read more, click here.

Key Attributes

  • Higher Reliability
  • Lower Costs
  • Reduced footprint size
  • mproved signal integrity
  • Alleviates board noise
  • Accelerates Time to Market

Target Applications

  • Lighting
  • Motor control
  • Sensor interface applications
  • Medical and Digital Imaging
  • Filtering for signal conditioning


  • System Monitoring
  • High-precision measurement Equipment
  • Speech coding and processing
  • LCD monitors and Projectors
  • General Video applications

16-bit Video Channel