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Highly Secure, Hands-Free Car Access Systems to Prevent Automotive Theft

Remote car access systems provide today’s drivers with a variety of convenience and safety benefits. While key fobs allowing simple functions like unlocking and locking doors have been available for years, the technology has evolved to enable hands-free interaction with vehicles. These systems eliminate the crazy juggling with keys and packages while trying to unlock a car in the pouring rain. Busy parents can unlock all doors at once to enable multiple children to quickly get into the family car. However, as more vehicles equipped with Passive Entry/Passive Start (PEPS) systems hit the road, automakers face growing concern about preventing car thefts based on relay attacks. Solutions that provide enhanced security are vital to protect vehicles from unauthorized access.


As the top supplier of wireless PEPS ICs to Tier 1 automotive OEMs, Microchip is “key” to hands-free interaction with modern vehicles. We offer turnkey solutions with the highest level of security to support features like locking and unlocking doors automatically, starting/stopping the vehicle engine with the press of a button, immobilization during unauthorized use or theft, automatic adjusting of seat and mirror positions, interior lighting, and infotainment system settings.


Bidirectional PEPS systems create a natural and more convenient way to enter and start a vehicle while maintaining  a high level of safety and security. In this type of design, the key fob and vehicle module both contain transceivers that communicate wirelessly to detect each other. The module in the vehicle continually sends out encoded messages. When the key fob is within range, it responds. If the encrypted messages are correct, the vehicle and key fob are identified to each other to enable the car doors to automatically unlock and the car to be started without a key. Microchip has demonstrated this technology during industry events, showing  how our car access solutions provide the functionality and security automotive designers require.


Visit the Car Access design center on Microchip.com to learn how our portfolio of solutions including the ATA5700/ATA5702 integrated car access controller, ATA5291 Low-Frequency (LF) antenna driver, and ATA5833 Radio Frequency (RF) transceiver are being used to implement secure, hands-free interaction in automotive designs.