Microchip Technology Inc

MCP39F521 Power Monitor Demonstration Board

Part Number: ADM00686

The MCP39F521 Power Monitor Demonstration Board is a fully functional I2C bus single-phase power and energy monitoring system. Up to four different devices can be placed on the same I2C bus through address select pins. The system calculates and displays active power, reactive power, RMS current, RMS voltage, active energy (both import and export), and four quadrant reactive energy.

It connects easily through USB to the “Power Monitor Utility Software” that offers automated control to allow you to easily experiment with all system configuration settings such as zero crossing detection options and event configurations, among many others.

The “Power Monitor Utility” software can also be used to and be used to create custom calibration setups. For most accuracy requirements, only a single-point calibration is needed. The energy meter software offers an automated calibration process that can be used to quickly calibrate energy meters and allow you to experiment with different calibration procedures.

    • Up to 400kHz I2C bus
    • I2C Address pins to connect up to 4 devices
    • Displays Active, Reactive, Apparent Power, RMS Current, RMS Voltage, Line Frequency, Import/Export Active Energy and 4 Quadrant Reactive Energy
    • Event notifications including Over Current, Over Power, Voltage Sag and Voltage Surge
    • Device configuration through PC software, including Event Notifications, Calibration, EEPROM read/writes, and Energy Accumulation Start/Reset
    • Direct connect to 90V-240VAC operation
    • 15A maximum recommended load
    • 1x MCP39F521 Energy Metering & Power Monitoring Demonstration Board (ADM00686) 
    • 1x Mini-USB cable
    • 1x Line cable
    • 1x Load cable