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The OS85621 device belongs to Microchip’s family of I/O Companions (IOCs) and is specifically designed for use in video applications.

For ultra-low latency applications, such as camera modules for driver assistance systems, the OS85621 video companion device supports special H.264 encoding/decoding of I-Frames only.

For applications requiring higher compression, the OS85621 device also provides a DDR2 SDRAM interface to which external memory can be made available for supporting I/P-Frame encoding/decoding.

The integrated DTCP coprocessor supports full Authentication Key Exchange (AKE), as well as multiple channels for M6 or AES-128 encryption/decryption of audio and video data streams. The device’s Private Key can be stored in non-readable One-Time Programmable (OTP) memory, eliminating security risks associated with key transmission by the application. To ensure compatibility with other DTCP devices and further reduce development efforts, Microchip also offers its free and ready-to-use DTCP-Stack for I/O Companions.

Using an OS85621 device, audio and video data can be routed on/off a network via a MediaLB Port connected to one of Microchip’s Intelligent Network Interface Controllers (INICs). The audio and video exchange at the hardware ports may be either synchronous or asynchronous to the network frame rate.


  • H.264 Video Encoder/Decoder H.264 encoder/decoder supporting:
    • Ultra-low latency mode using I-Frames
    • Low latency and higher compression mode using I/P-Frames
  • Companion to Microchip’s INIC25, INIC50 and INIC150
  • Multi-session DTCP coprocessor

If DTCP is not required, please consider OS85623.



        • H.264 Video Encoder/Decoder
          • Format conversion to/from H.264 for highspeed video processing with ultra-low latency
          • Video Port supports industry standard video formats
          • External DDR2 memory interface available for higher compression
        • Streaming Port
          • Supports legacy audio formats for synchronous and isochronous data
          • Supports 7.1 audio (input/output)
          • Supports audio/video synchronization
        • Digital Transmission Content Protection (DTCP) coprocessor
          • Supports full Authentication Key Exchange (AKE)
          • Supports synchronous and isochronous data encryption/decryption
          • Supports up to 8 independent ciphers (M6 or AES-128)
          • Supports operation as a stand-alone DTCP coprocessor
        • Media Local Bus (MediaLB®) Ports
          • Support all MOST® data types
          • Differential MediaLB 6-pin interface (up to 8192×Fs)
          • Single-ended MediaLB 3-pin interface (up to 1024×Fs)
          • Eases inter-chip communication and streaming
          • Supports bridge between MediaLB 6-pin and 3-pin interfaces
        • Transport Stream Interface (TSI) Port
          • Supports MPEG2-TS compatible packets
          • Serial interfaces operation up to 50 Mbps
        • Supports I2CTM messages
        • Operating voltages 3.3/1.8/1.2 V
    Parameter Name
    MOST Speed Grade
    25 Mbps, 50 Mbps, 150 Mbps
    I2C, Video Port, Streaming Port, MediaLB, TSI
    Content Production Support
    Operating Voltage (V)
    1.2 to 3.3
    Temperature Range (°C)
    -40 to 105
    BGA 196

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