This tab enables access to the Atmel Software Framework source code library which provides drivers, protocols, stacks, coding utilities, build system, etc. to a developer. The library shows how to use the different functionalities of the Atmel devices and to help develop and glue together the different components of a software design.

The Extensions tab lists the various modules: components, drivers and services that are available for selection.

  • Components: Provides software drivers to access external hardware components such as memory (e.g. Atmel DataFlash™, SDRAM, SRAM, NAND flash), displays, sensors, wireless, etc.

  • Drivers: Each driver is composed of a driver.c and driver.h file that provides low level functions to access a peripheral or device specific feature. The services and components will interface the drivers.

  • Services: Provides more application oriented software such as a USB classes, FAT file system, architecture optimized DSP library, graphical library, etc.