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Securing Your IoT or Connected Product with PIC32 Solutions

The feature-packed PIC32MZ series of MCUs offers designers large Flash and RAM arrays with a healthy mix of peripherals to enable innovative connected solutions. They are supported by the MPLAB® Harmony Software Development Framework featuring software packages to support connectivity options such as USB, TCP/IP networking and Wi-Fi®, as well as additional libraries for cryptographic functions.

Key PIC32MZ Features:

  • Up to 200 MHz performance
  • Up to 2 MB Flash and 512 KB RAM
  • Hi-Speed USB, CAN, and 10/100 Ethernet
  • Hardware crypto accelerator

The PIC32MZ Embedded Connectivity with Floating Point Unit (EF) Family Starter Kit (DM320007 for non-crypto development or DM320007-C for crypto development) provides a low-cost method for the development and testing of USB and Ethernet-based applications with PIC32MZ EF family devices.

PIC32MZ with FPU and Crypto Engine Embedded Connectivity Starter Kit (Part# DM320007-C)

MPLAB Harmony Integrated Software Framework

mplabharMPLAB® Harmony is a flexible, abstracted, fully integrated firmware development platform for PIC32 microcontrollers. It takes key elements of modular and object oriented design, adds in the flexibility to use a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) or work without one, and provides a framework of software modules that are easy to use, configurable for your specific needs, and that work together in complete harmony

MPLAB® Harmony includes a set of peripheral libraries, drivers and system services that are readily accessible for application development. The code development format allows for maximum re-use and reduces time to market.

MPLAB® Harmony Framework Library Examples

The MPLAB Harmony TCP/IP Stack provides a foundation for embedded network applications by handling most of the interaction required between the physical network port and your application. It includes modules for several commonly used application layers, including HTTP for serving web pages, SMTP for sending e-mails, SNMP for providing status and control, Telnet, TFTP, Serial-to-Ethernet, and much more. In addition, the stack includes light weight and high-performance implementations of the TCP and UDP transport layers, as well as other supporting modules such as IP, ICMP, DHCP, ARP and DNS.

The Wi-Fi software library, in conjunction with the MRF24WG0MA module, allows an application to:

  • Join an existing 802.11 Wi-Fi network
  • Create a 802.11 Wi-Fi network

Software Cryptographic Library - Available for Microchip’s families of microcontrollers, this library offers a convenient C language interface. It includes functions to perform encryption, decryption, hashing, authentication, and compression within an embedded application. Random number generation (RNG) functions are also provided.

  • Block Ciphers - DES, 3DES, and AES are available for block cipher requirements. Depending on the algorithm in use, CBC and CTR modes are supported.
  • Public Key Cryptography - RSA and Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) for Public Key Cryptography, and Diffie-Hellman (DH) for key agreement arrangements are provided.
  • Hash Functions - MD5, SHA, SHA-256, SHA-384, and SHA-512 are provided for hashing. These functions do not require keys or Initialization Vectors (IV).
  • Random Number Generation Functions - Functions to generate either a single pseudo-random number or a block of such numbers are available.

wolfSSL embedded SSL library

wolfSSL, founded in 2004, is an open source Internet security company whose primary products include the wolfSSL embedded SSL library, wolfCrypt embedded crypto engine, and the yaSSL Embedded Web Server. Primary users are programmers building security functionality into applications, devices, and cloud services. wolfSSL employs the dual licensing model, offering products under both the GPLv2 as well as a standard commercial license.

wolfSSL's products are designed to offer optimal embedded performance, rapid integration into existing applications and platforms, the ability to leverage hardware crypto solutions, and support for the most current standards. All products are designed for ease of use with clean APIs and are backed by a dedicated and responsive support and development team.

Visit the wolfSSL page to learn more about wolfSSL solutions for PIC32 microcontrollers.

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Development Tools

PIC32MZ EF Starter Kits

These starter kits can also be used with Multimedia Expansion Board II for developing graphics applications.

Visit the MPLAB Harmony Software Framework page for details about demonstration software and board support packages.

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