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Microchip Wi-Fi® HomeKit™ SDK

Fully-Certified Software Development Kit Leverages Hardware-Based Calculations to Create Fast, Low-Power Solutions Providing an Optimized Customer Experience

A fully-certified Wi-Fi® Software Development Kit (SDK) with Apple HomeKit support  is now available from Microchip Technology Inc. This SDK enables MFi licensees to create fast, low-power designs on the industry’s first hardware cryptography enabled Wi-Fi-based development kit for HomeKit.

Microchip’s Wi-Fi HomeKit SDK combines hardware cryptography suites within the CEC1702, a full-featured ARM® Cortex®-M4-based microcontroller (MCU), with the industry-proven WINC1510, a low-power 802.11 b/g/n certified Wi-Fi module. The hardware-based security engines within this Wi-Fi HomeKit solution greatly reduce system calculation times, resulting in a fast and friendly end-user experience. With the dramatic reduction in execution time for HomeKit commands such as pairing – with pair setup in 0.95 seconds and pair verify in less than one tenth of a second – system reaction is accelerated for seamless consumer experiences during device setup and responding to Siri commands. This reduced time of system activity enabled by the Wi-Fi SDK results in lower system power consumption. Power consumption of the Wi-Fi SDK, while performing critical commands such as pairing, is so low that it’s on par with Bluetooth® low energy-based systems while retaining the enhanced functionality of a Wi-Fi solution.

The Wi-Fi SDK is available to MFI licensees only. To get more information on the platform or to request access to the Wi-Fi SDK, contact applesupport@microchip.com for verification of your MFI license.  Please include your MFI license number, Company Name, Contact Name, Address and Phone number.


Key Benefits

  • Fast execution time
  • Wi-Fi allows remote access
  • Low power

Use Cases

  • Home automation
  • Thermostats
  • Lights
  • Smart plugs

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The SecureIoT1702 Demo board is a small form factor evaluation board that can be used for development, evaluation and demos. The SecureIoT1702 Demo board is designed to utilize the processing and the hardware capabilities of the CEC1702 cryptography enabled ARM® Cortex®-M4-based microcontroller.


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(MikroElektronika Part#: MIKROE-2046)

ATWINC1500 is a WiFi accessory board in the mikroBus™ form factor. Enrich your design with Microchip's WINC1500, an IEEE 802.11 b/g/n IoT network controller. It is the ideal add-on to existing MCU solutions bringing Wi-Fi and Network capabilities through SPI-to-Wi-Fi interface. The WINC1500 connects to any SAM, PIC24, PIC32 and CEC MCU with minimal resource requirements. The WINC1500's most advanced mode is a single stream 1x1 802.11n mode providing up to 72 Mbps PHY throughput. The ATWINC1500 Click Board brings easy connectivity to your design.

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