CAN & LIN Products for Next Generation Vehicles

Largest Portfolio Now Available From Microchip

Microchip Technology, Inc. offers the largest and most complete portfolio for controller area network (CAN) and local interconnect networking (LIN) portfolio worldwide. Our unique solutions have ultra-low power design in mind and high level of integration, minimizing the system complexity while reducing cost and total solution. We are the industry’s first to comply with the new original equipment manufacturer (OEM) hardware recommendations, meeting the high quality standards in automotive manufacturing.

CAN – Key Features

  • Our new CAN Transceiver products support the newest CAN standards for Flexible Data-rate and Partial Networking (ISO 11898-1/2/5/6 and SAEJ2284)
  • Microchip provides the first Grade 0 (Temp: -40 to 150C) automotive approved CAN Transceiver family
  • CAN Transceivers offer unique features such as watchdog timers, various wake-up functionalities and high levels of EMC performance with and without Common Mode Choke

LIN – Key Features

  • Broad portfolio of Transceivers, System-Basis Chips (SBCs) and System-in-Package (SiP) devices allowing customers flexibility when choosing devices that are the best fit for their end application
  • The new family is the industry’s first to comply with the new automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) hardware recommendations
  • Core footprint of LIN transceiver and many SBC options allows for easy transition to different product options including functionalities like relay drivers, watchdog, switches and extended wake-up capability

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